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We work together with the world’s innovators to design and manufacture electronic solutions that solve complex technical challenges. We’ve done it for over 80 years, and we’ll continue to use our heritage of innovation and expertise to develop the technologies of tomorrow.

Heat is the enemy of high-speed signals. What’s your data center’s plan to beat it?

Faster data rates are an attractive prospect because you can meet changing market demands more quickly. But getting faster data means you also must deal with more expensive printed circuit boards (PCBs), greater heat and less tolerance for noise in the channel.


The Industrial Internet of Things: The Opportunities Connected Components Can Create

Industrial markets are primed to integrate interconnected sensors, networks and analytics into their operations. Here’s what that means for the industry and beyond.

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The Evolution of Automotive Interiors

Ten years ago, visitors to an automotive tradeshow would have seen dashboards loaded with dials, knobs and mechanical buttons — interactivity and driver/passenger engagement were still futuristic ideas. Human machine interfaces (HMIs), however, are now taking over car interiors with automakers and tier 1 manufacturers implementing smart interfaces and advanced technology platforms. And the transformation from mechanical to electronic HMI controls promises to revolutionize the driving experience.

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