Molex Team Sheds Light in Houston

In the past year, the U.S. has suffered through several natural disasters – Nor’easters, forest fires, and even mudslides.   These disasters spanned the US, from the West coast forest fires through hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and several others that hit the Gulf and East coasts and neighboring islands. These storms left devastation and destruction in the aftermath with many having lost their homes and loved ones.  Natural disasters can leave many helpless and in search of resources whether it be medical, clothing, food and shelter – the most basic necessities.

Fortunately, there are many people and organizations such as Molex ready and willing to step in and help. Molex was honored to be part of an ongoing effort to help rebuild Houston, a city devastated by hurricane Harvey. Earlier this year, the Molex Industrial Sales Team gathered in “The Energy Capital of the World,” otherwise known as Houston for their yearly sales team meeting. Harvey was the first hurricane in over 12 years to make landfall bringing the city to a complete standstill with severe flooding and thousands of damaged homes.

A team of 50 Molex employees picked up their tool belts, rolled up their sleeves and got to work to help rebuild communities ravaged by Hurricane Harvey through the organization, Rebuilding Together: Houston. This organization leverages local resources and materials to help repair homes of low-income, elderly, U.S. military veterans and homeowners with disabilities. There are several ways in which an individual or company can take part in the rebuild efforts whether through simple home repairs, restoring damaged roofs to completely gutting and rebuilding the home from the inside out.

disaster-relief resources based on the company’s expertise in developing solutions that can withstand such environments where water ingress protection and durability is a must. Molex donated sets of their industrial Woodhead LED String Lights to provide temporary and portable power in order to maintain rebuild efforts with a safe lighting choice.  The string lights will continue to be reused as temporary lighting to “shine a light” on future jobs and relief efforts in the area. In addition to donating over $50,000 in time and resources, Molex presented the Rebuilding Houston: Together with a charitable donation of $29,000 to the organizations to help the organization continue the rebuilding phase.