The Bots Battle Again This Summer on ABC!

Smash! POW! Wham! The metal will be flying this summer as BattleBots® enters its second season with a 10-episode run on ABC television, beginning on June 23 at 7 p.m. CST in the United States. Molex will be in the…


Flexible 3D Circuits Power Medical Devices

As populations age in developed countries, demand for healthcare is growing and medical practitioners need new ways to deliver care more cost effectively. Many are turning to downsized mobile-monitoring, therapeutic, and diagnostic devices. Flexible printed circuits offered by Molex are often used in these compact medical devices, which require high signal speed, more efficient power distribution, and space-saving designs. Proven flex circuit technology has migrated from consumer electronics into medical devices such as insulin pumps, wearable patient monitoring devices, portable defibrillators, and CPAP machines (used to treat sleep and breathing disorders). As medical devices shrink, circuitry in these devices must…

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