Scale Not the Only Measure of Success

Vehicle weight has increased at a rate of 1.2% annually over three decades.  Today the average light-duty vehicle pushes the scales at a hefty 3,814 lb (1,730 kg).  A weight reduction of 10% translates into an outstanding 7-8% fuel savings. …


How to Bring Industrial Ethernet to the Food and Beverage Plant Floor

The need to employ more advanced plant floor networking technologies is becoming clear as manufacturers look to increase operational efficiencies and bottom line profits.   While Ethernet offers many benefits, the extreme conditions found on the food and beverage plant floor has delayed its progress.   Harsh washdown procedures, rust and corrosion, extreme temperatures, moisture and vibrations can all take a toll on the performance and reliability of the communications infrastructure.  But by choosing the right products, food and beverage manufacturers can securely make the transition to Industrial Ethernet.  Some features to consider when evaluating the various devices, components and wiring options…

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