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Ethernet/IP Helps Plant Data Power Business Intelligence

Even in tough, challenging environments, industrial operations are finding new ways to link plant floor data with business intelligence systems, providing greater visibility into their processes and profits. They are accomplishing this by using industrial-grade Ethernet Switches to provide reliable…

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3D Medical Device Design—Efficiency and Simplicity Using Flexible Print Circuit Technology

As global healthcare needs soar, demand is on the rise for mobile monitoring, therapeutic, and diagnostic devices.  Medical devices have gone from bulky to portable to handheld to the latest wearable technologies for health conscious consumers.  Manufacturers are selling to increasingly tech-savvy clinicians and patients accustomed to using a myriad of portable and handheld electronic devices in their daily lives.  Devices such as smart phones have set high consumer expectations for powerful features in small form factor medical devices. Incredible shrinking medical devices require circuitry within tight space and weight parameters, and fast heat dissipation with increased airflow.  Anybody who…

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