Clear Winners in Small Form Factor Optical Connectors

Connectors come and go. That is the nature of technology. Each new solution builds on the last to help customers make more reliable, denser, easier to install, lower cost, better performing products–or all of the above. Many optical connectors came down…


Solid-State Lighting- Powerful Platform for Change

Most of us take light for granted, but not everyone is so fortunate.  An estimated one and a half billion people live without access to light other than the sun.  That is more people than existed on the planet in 1879 when Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. Most people do not realize it took nearly five decades, with the development of widespread centralized power, before everyday people felt the impact of his remarkable discovery.  Edison knew, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” His contributions to light technology ultimately empowered healthier and more productive lives. Glass tube…

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