Showcasing Molex at Rockwell Automation on the Move

Molex has had a Rockwell Encompass Partnership exceeding 20 years, and is excited to bring a wide variety of SST™ products to present at several RAOTM showcases throughout North America. This year, Molex has been present at RAOTM events in…


Game Changing CO2 Laser Technology

Invented by Bell Labs in 1964, carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers are used extensively in dermatology, cosmetic and plastic surgery for treatment of skin conditions ranging from wrinkles and moles to melanoma.  CO2 lasers emit beams of infrared (IR) light that are absorbed by water in a patient’s skin or tissue.  The beam creates a layer of thermal necrosis (dead cells) sufficient to seal blood vessels, yet thin enough to reduce scarring.  Laser treatments have proven highly effective when compared with mechanical abrasion or chemical agents in laser resurfacing and other dermal procedures. Laser medical devices are used in diverse clinical…

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