Early Communication is Key to Cost Reductions in Medtech

As purchasing decisions shift from physicians to group purchasing operations, and uncertainty continues in the face of healthcare reform and device taxes, Medtech companies are under increasing pressure to reduce costs without compromising quality. Manufacturers must continue to ensure products…


Deploying Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters in the Real World

Despite major safety improvements, accidents, injuries, and even death on the job can occur from electrocution. From 1992 through 2010, an average of 268 U.S. workers died each year from electrocution, and in 2009 there were 2,620 non-fatal electrical injuries in the U.S. In addition to causing pain, suffering, and loss to victims and their families, electrical accidents impact employers through financial penalties and medical/disability costs. The good news is that companies can keep workers safe through the disciplined use of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in wet and hazardous settings. A GFCI disconnects a circuit when it detects that…

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