Reaching Higher Interconnect Speeds Requires New Thinking

Electronic device designers have a need for higher speeds, and they can use new specifications that enable them. For example, the September 2014 specifications for CDFP 2.0 interoperable hot pluggable interconnect modules enable data rates of 25 Gbps over 16…


Clear Winners in Small Form Factor Optical Connectors

Connectors come and go. That is the nature of technology. Each new solution builds on the last to help customers make more reliable, denser, easier to install, lower cost, better performing products–or all of the above. Many optical connectors came down the pike over the past three decades. In maturing markets, LC and MTP*/MPO small form factor optical connectors have edged out competing technologies to rise to the top. Legacy SC connectors now tend to be used for lower-density patch panels and optical modules, with FC connectors specified for more robust test equipment environments. ST, SC, FC, and MU connector use…

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