Looking for RF/Microwave Solutions? Visit Molex at IMS!

The IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS) is the key annual international meeting for technology experts involved in all aspects of the booming microwave business. Molex is planning another extensive IMS presence, led by our diverse selection of RF/Microwave connectors and…


Top 5 Reasons to Rethink Your Modbus† Solution for ControlLogix*

More Ports – Modbus modules from Molex SST™ offer the most communication ports per module. Each communications port (Ethernet or Serial) can be a Modbus master or slave. All ports can communicate simultaneously. SST-SR4-CLX-RLL module has four electrically isolated Modbus serial ports. This keeps each network isolated electrical noise that might be happening on another  Modbus network. SST-ESR2-CLX-RLL module has 3 ports, 2 Modbus serial and 1 Modbus TCP (Ethernet) port.  Easy to Configure – Molex SST™ modules are fully integrated into the Rockwell‡ architecture with an AOP, reducing overall commissioning time and simplifying the installation. The tight integration between…

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