Reflection and Celebration for Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month, the Molex Black Professionals Resource Group reached out to employees and asked them for their thoughts on the importance of diversity and inclusion, and what Black History Month means to them. Together, this is what they had to say.

Diversity and inclusion are vital aspects in every workplace. As the world changes and technology evolves, businesses will have to change the way they make decisions, generate ideas and develop strategies. And with more diverse input from a bigger talent pool, we are better equipped to produce solutions for our customers that truly help benefit society.

During Black History Month, we affirm the value of a more inclusive world by remembering and recognizing contributions of great African-Americans throughout history — leaders who shaped society, but who often went unrecognized due to societal prejudices and discrimination. It is important for all of us to look back and give these achievements their due. For example, we honor Dr. Gladys West, a STEM pioneer known for her role in inventing what is today called GPS. She was inducted into the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Pioneers Hall of Fame in December 2018: a richly deserved honor.

In February, we pull the curtains back to take a solemn moment of reflection, and to celebrate our achievements on the national stage. We reflect on our past, but just as importantly, we recognize the daily societal contributions we make every day, week and month of the year.

This Black History Month, we urge others to celebrate by challenging themselves to learn something new about our history in this country. Take this time to remember and honor the lives of those who stood intentionally, studied carefully and stayed unapologetically. Give a standing ovation to current and future generations, crying “encore!” and encouraging them to carry on our ancestors’ legacy.

Contributions by: Clifton Mason, Renee Wilson, Huma Khaqan, Faith Slowinski, Marcus Williams, Etiennette Harris, Claudia Smith,