New UL Certification Marks, Same Molex Safety  

UL is a leader in testing, inspection, certification of products and ensures that the product meets their safety standard.  The UL Certification Mark on an item identifies that representative samples of that item were tested by UL and met its strict standards.

A UL Certification Mark can be found on thousands of safe products, including appliances, bullet-resistant glass, carbon monoxide detectors, computer equipment, electrical panel boards, fire extinguishers, furnaces, fuses, heaters, personal flotation devices, smoke detectors and sprinkler systems.  And, it can be found on all Molex Woodhead industrial electrical products including wiring devices, cable reels, portable and temporary lighting and portable and temporary power.

Recently, UL unveiled enhanced versions of its UL Certification Marks and these new UL Enhanced Certification Marks. Molex Woodhead products continue to meet the same high safety standards of the United States, Canada or both as they always have. 

Here is an update on what you might start seeing on both Molex Woodhead and most other electrical products. The Enhanced Certification Marks indicate that the Molex products are in compliance with UL’s Listing and Follow-Up Services for the United States and/or Canada, just as before.  Products carrying the Certification Mark for the US have been evaluated to US standards; products carrying the Certification Mark for Canada have been evaluated to Canadian standards, and a combination Certification Mark indicates compliance with both US and Canadian standards.   

The old UL Certification Marks follow.

<old mark for US>       <old mark for Canada>     <old mark for US and Canada>

The new UL Enhanced Certification Marks follow.  

<new mark for US>     <new mark for Canada>   <new mark for US and Canada>

Note that these new UL Enhanced Certification Marks include:

  • The new basic Enhanced Mark: UL in a large circle with the word CERTIFIED underneath
  • The word SAFETY
  • The ISO country code of US for United States, CA for Canada or US and CA for both
  • Unique identifier number

According to UL, “The Enhanced UL Certification Mark now bundles multiple Certifications into a single Mark; utilizes a unique identifier for easier access to information at; communicates geographic scope of certification through country codes; and describes the attributes that UL has Certified about a product.”