How to improve on perfection!

For more than 25 years, the RAST connector system has been the product of choice for the European home appliance industry. Over this period of time, it has proved itself to be the perfect solution to the challenges presented by a multi-point, multi-voltage and current wiring harness. With its IDT termination feature, the ability to produce harnesses on fully automatic tooling makes it easy to eliminate terminating errors, which we all know cause very costly re-work requirements. So you may be asking yourself why would we try and improve the un-improvable?

Well, by tweaking the terminal design on our RAST 2.5 connector we have come up with the new RAST Signal. We have moved from a dual beam contact, which is costly to produce and can be liable to ‘terminal set’ issues when not mated correctly to its counterpart, to a single cantilever terminal design. This not only saves money, but also produces a superior-performing connector in terms of contact normal force leading to a better current / temperature de-rating curve and better resistance to fretting corrosion.

In our new R-Power connector we have managed to produce a 6 Amp rated connector in the same housing profile as our RAST 2.5 and RAST Signal connector, meaning that it can be terminated on exactly the same application tooling. This, again, saves cost in the housing and also saves time and money at the harness maker due to there being no machine change over requirements!

As far as improving our RAST 5 offering, we have developed the new R5 series. This connector is a single-piece housing design which is able to accept either one or two terminals. Thus, we only have to produce one housing to be able to satisfy the industry’s requirements for both 10 Amp and 16 Amp connectors. Yet again, proof that Molex innovation leads to superior performance and cost savings for all!

To learn more and to see the new series up close, please visit us at electronica, Hall B4, Booth 336.