A Global Company Offers A World Of Opportunities

I recently found the opportunity to take a little vacation time, and hopped a plane from Chicago down to the city that care forgot…New Orleans, Louisiana.  Founded in 1718, it was once nothing more than a trading camp for furs and goods at the base of the Mississippi River.  What a long way the city has come, and survived, in the last nearly 300 years.

While in the city, I got to thinking about all the different blend of things that make up this rich tapestry, and how well it all works.  For starters, the food: gumbo,  jambalaya, crawfish ettouffe, soft, white catfish…with a stiff, blackened spicy external crust, and don’t get me started on that sweet potato pie!  The cultures and accents of the people – what a mixture.  The Creole, French immigrants who found their way south, most dwelling in the city; the Cajuns, also French immigrants, that found their way south from Canada, but residing primarily in the outskirts of the city, then intermarriages with German and numerous others settlers created a terrific tapestry of different cultures and people.

How about the music?  Known as the birthplace of Jazz, it is still traditional New Orleans flair, with the brass sections so different in sounds, but mixing together so well.  The traditional Cajun music, set with heavy accordion, fiddle and guitar.  The energetic, can’t-sit-still electrified zydeco music, and the opportunity to watch the rock and heavy blues styling of Louisiana native Kenny Wayne Sheppard.  Wow.  Spin that with a mixed Hurricane drink and it is as close to nirvana as you can get…..(what do they put in those Hurricanes anyway?)

Along the themes of this city, which enjoys such a rich variety of food, culture, and music, it got me to thinking on my return to Molex, about the unique blends we enjoy here as a company.  At Molex, we pride ourselves on “Design anywhere, Manufacture anywhere, Sell anywhere.”  With 39 manufacturing locations in 16 countries and over 33,000 employees, we are the most global of all connector companies and have been in business for over 70 years.

In the past 12 months, I have been fortunate to work on several projects.  One opportunity was born in the US, is being manufactured in Singapore and then being sold in Taiwan.  The other opportunity began in Sweden, was designed in the US and will be manufactured in Shanghai.  In both cases above, customers engaged with Molex to help solve a problem in their designs.  With the benefit of our relationships between sales and customer and divisional engineering and the manufacturing teams, design solutions were found.  In both cases, a unique blend of power and signal pin contacts and layout were created, and in both cases, unique needs were addressed with features that were previously not there.  These opportunities came with the need to interact with different cultures, different areas of the organization’s teams, and different time zones.  The contributions from all were unique, and the ingredients were blended together to perfectly complement each other.

Looking for something different and unique?  Check out our latest offerings of the Molex power connectors.  If possible, do it from New Orleans.  Like the food, people, and music of New Orleans, Molex offers blends of power and signal connectors for every possible application, with a global flair.   Who Dat?  MOLEX!