Why Solid State Lighting Could Reduce our Energy Needs by 50% over CFLs

Several years ago, Molex joined a group of companies and government organizations to prove that Solid-State Lighting could be used to provide excellent quality lighting within our homes and offices while dramatically reducing the energy use in the building. The organization is called the ZEBRA (Zero Energy Building Research Alliance) and is a collaboration between the Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, and Schaad Companies.

The objective of the alliance was to evaluate a variety of building technologies, heating and cooling methods, lighting approaches, and appliances to determine which are the most cost effective and have the highest performance. Four homes were constructed in Oak Ridge, Tennessee just outside the “gates” of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. There were two pairs of homes with homes one and two being identical in appearance, but with entirely different approaches for the construction of them. The same is true for homes three and four. If you would like to learn more details about how the homes were constructed, please visit www.zebralliance.com.

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