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Introducing the First End-to-End 10 Gbps Automotive Ethernet Network

In a continuing effort to support the future of connected mobility, Molex will unveil its latest solution offering at CES 2018, the largest global gathering of innovation, January 9-12 in Las Vegas, NV.  Molex will offer private demos of its connected vehicle technology ecosystem which includes a 10 Gbps automotive Ethernet network solution that fully integrates highly reliable signal integrity, prioritization, scalability and security.

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Support for OEM Development of In-Vehicle Networks

As a leading supplier of high-speed networking solutions, Molex is supporting OEMs in the development of in-vehicle networks that are secure, prioritized, reliable and high bandwidth. Building upon its strength in cables, connectors and signal integrity innovation, Molex is addressing the increased demand for in-vehicle processing power by providing an end-to-end Ethernet-based solution that operates at high bandwidth across all network components and vehicle use cases.

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Support for OEM Development of In-Vehicle Networks

“With the automotive in-vehicle Ethernet market projected to grow by 58% over the next 10 years, OEMs are seeking solutions that are compatible with existing network components while being flexible enough to integrate new technology and accommodate different vehicle profiles,” said Dave Atkinson, director of business development, connected mobility solutions, ‎Molex. “Our solution is based on a future-ready, automotive-grade gateway delivering seamless integration across multiple hardware and software systems and legacy automotive protocols.”

OEM Adoption of Ethernet Based Designs

As OEMs begin adopting Ethernet-based systems for new designs, they must also continue to rely on legacy networks where cost advantages apply. With deep automotive experience and data-heavy customers in other industries, Molex brings significant expertise to help manufacturers introduce more functionality across their vehicle while containing costs, minimizing weight and helping to meet space-constrained packaging requirements.

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OEM Adoption of Ethernet Based Designs

Molex will unveil an in-vehicle network solution that will be available for live demonstration, featuring an interactive touch screen and LED lighting to clearly display the connections and flow of information inside the vehicle. The fully functional 10 Gbps Ethernet backbone features secure over-the-air updateability for software and firmware, helping avoid the need for vehicle recalls and enabling in-vehicle diagnostics over IP.

Also on Display at CES

    In-Vehicle Media Modules

    Molex can quickly and cost effectively qualify, design and supply active and passive input/output (I/O) media modules. With years of engineering and connector-manufacturing experience, Molex provides a full end-to-end IO module solution for the automotive and non-automotive transportation markets.

    Media modules enable the integration of multiple I/O port connection types such as USB, HDMI, Ethernet, SD Memory Cards, Auxiliary Jack inputs and more to meet end-system requirements in either active or passive designs.

    Media modules enable state-of-the art audio and video capabilities such as PDAs, laptop computers, video displays, CD players, DVDs, or video games. Learn More

    In-Vehicle Smart Charging Modules

    With the exploding growth of infotainment, automobiles are being designed with multiple USB chargers. Molex offers several off-the-shelf USB chargers and smart chargers that are standard for many transportation vehicle applications, and thus eliminate extra tooling and engineering support costs.

    For more demanding applications, Molex designs custom in-vehicle smart chargers that follow a device’s profile and provide the maximum power allowed by the device manufacturer. They also have protective circuitry built into them to protect devices from shorts and overcurrent conditions. Ultimately, the safety protection and engineering work assure the consumer a fast and effective charge. Learn More

    Mini50 Connection Systems

    Achieve 50% space savings over traditional USCAR 0.64mm connectors with sealed or unsealed Mini50 single- and dual-row receptacles, with smaller terminals to fit more low-current electrical circuits in interior transportation-vehicle environments. Mini50™ sealed and unsealed wire-to-board receptacles allow device manufacturers to package circuits in tighter spaces by utilizing smaller pin, terminal, and wire sizes while reducing costs. Learn More

    HSAutoLink Interconnect Systems

    The “Connected Vehicle” industry has seen the rapid proliferation of in-vehicle cameras, digital high-resolution displays and 24-bit color imagery. This has led to a sharp increase in bandwidth requirements for automotive and commercial vehicles. The next-generation HSAutoLink Interconnect System addresses these ever-increasing requirements by providing a robust, sealed and cost-competitive system with data rates up to 5 Gbps. Supporting multiple high-speed communication protocols such as LVDS, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and DisplayPort, the HSAutoLink Interconnect System has the bandwidth to support advanced infotainment, telematics and camera devices across the automotive and commercial vehicle industries. Learn More

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