Don’t Sacrifice Space for Power

The increased power requirements of today’s gaming systems, vending machines, medical equipment, vehicle control modules, industrial equipment, telecom equipment, air conditioning units, major home appliances and many other applications require power above 14A. OEMs know firsthand the trade-offs inherent in…


Lesson Learned!

It is always interesting to talk to our customers. I enjoy the face-to-face meetings since the customer is my primary knowledge base about applications, problems, solutions, and – most of the time – compromises when it comes to applying a connector into a system. As most of you know, connector selection is a world of compromises when it comes to electrical and data rate related performances, ambient conditions, environmental requirements and finally application issues like pick & place, pin-in-paste, or other questions of how to bring the connector into the equipment. The above sounds like it may refer to copper…

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