“Custom off-the-Shelf” Connectors: A great option for medical devices

The heart of many healthcare devices and systems is their underlying electronics. Since medical equipment manufacturers must constantly strive to assure reliability while reducing device cost, they must closely examine the electronics—including connectors. A custom connector may work well in…


Big Growth Trend for Small Connectors

They may be small in scale, but use of micro connectors is growing fast—including subminiature, microminiature, and ultra-microminiature versions. Several key markets are driving this growth trend, including mobile technology, aerospace and defense (A&D), and medical. As you can see from the many cell phone commercials on TV, the mobile phone market is booming. All of these phones as well as other handheld devices require smaller and lower-profile components, including micro connectors capable of very high data speeds. For example, 10 Gbps board-to-board connectors are common, and some advanced miniature board-to-board connectors can handle up to 20 Gbps. The connectors…

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