Press-Fit Technology: A Great Fit for the Connected Vehicle

As the connected vehicle trend grows, demand for durable electrical and electronic systems grows with it.  Applications such as in-vehicle navigation, infotainment and electric and hybrid drivetrains require lots of new connections.  Likewise, advanced vehicle safety features—such as anti-lock brakes,…


Don’t Sacrifice Space for Power

The increased power requirements of today’s gaming systems, vending machines, medical equipment, vehicle control modules, industrial equipment, telecom equipment, air conditioning units, major home appliances and many other applications require power above 14A. OEMs know firsthand the trade-offs inherent in power design.  The design engineer’s common lament is that existing connectors can’t deliver the power density they need.  Power rarely concedes anything without extracting demands, whether space, efficiency, performance or all of the above.  Design engineers may find their choices limited to connectors with insufficient current carrying capabilities or substantially higher than needed.  The choice translates to risky current sharing…

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