Evolving Solar PV Market

The solar photovoltaic market has evolved over the past 5 years, from a condition of shortage of supply, low efficiency levels and relatively high prices, to its current state of proliferation of producers, over capacity and a drive to differentiate similar panel products through aesthetics and “nice to have” add-on features.

Of course, the dilemma for consumers in a market with oversupply and reducing prices is what level of confidence exists in “low cost” suppliers? The related question: is “low cost” is really a pseudonym for “low quality?” - as a drive to save on cost can sometimes compromise excellence in production. Furthermore, with a profusion of panel models available, it can be a complex decision to know which features should be incorporated into a PV array. With a wide range of panel types available and no end of “advice” from manufacturers, (each claiming competitive advantage), installers and government sponsored agencies, the selection choice can be baffling.

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