micro-SIM Card Connectors – How low can they go?

The 3FF micro-SIM card (UICC) is the 3rd generation SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card since this form of card first appeared twenty years ago. It has dimensions of 12mm x 15mm x 0.76mm and the card has the same contact arrangement as its predecessors, i.e. the standard (credit-card size) and mini-SIM (25mm x 15mm) cards. The micro-SIM is backward compatible with larger SIM holders and SIM readers (via additional plastic cut-out surrounds).

Since the micro-SIM was developed specifically for the purpose of fitting into devices otherwise too small for a mini-SIM card, there is clearly a lot of pressure on connector makers to minimize footprint and height of micro-SIM sockets. In this blog I’d like to briefly analyze some of the factors contributing to connector height.

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Smooth Operation for microSD Connectors

MicroSD cards are the smallest memory cards commercially available and are used in a host of devices such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, digital audio players, digital cameras and other electronic devices. At 15mm x 11mm x 1mm, these tiny cards are holding ever-increasing amounts of data at ever-decreasing cost to the consumer.

A range of card connectors are available in formats that best suit the application. Push-pull, push-push and hinged sockets all require a different mode of operation and a user’s experience with these connectors can be a significant contribution to the overall experience of the complete device. That’s why connector makers have to get it right when it comes to smooth operation of microSD connectors!

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