“A Really Big Show” Booth 1983 and 1988 MD&M West Anaheim CA

24187_W_MDM13_250x250The Ed Sullivan Show was broadcast on CBS from 1948 to 1971 and he coined the famous segue “a really big show” as he introduced the line up for that evening’s performance.  Guests included some icons of the day; The Beatles, Elvis, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and a whole host of others.

Just as the Ed Sullivan Show set the bar for variety shows of the day, MD&M West in Anaheim is the “really big show” for the medical supplier market.  For Molex, this year it will in fact be a really big show, as two booths will be represented as a result of the acquisition of Affinity Medical Technologies.

We will show a broad range of interconnect products and capabilities.  And of course Molex has been busy developing capabilities for the Medical market which are celebrated under the category of MediSpec™.

Here is the sneak peak on what you can expect:

Affinity Medical Technologies, (Acquired October 2012)

A subsidiary of Molex, Affinity will showcase some of the customized interconnects the company has developed for its many OEM partners.  Samples will include cables for electrophysiology (EP), ECG, dental, Holter and ambulatory monitoring, ventricular assist devices, disposable and reusable catheter cables and invasive blood pressure cables in single channel, multi-channel bifurcated (two-channel) and trifurcated (three-channel).  Also shown will be examples of custom bulkhead receptacles and custom device-to-device interface cables.

MediSpec™ Molded Interconnect Device (MID) with Laser Directed Structuring (LDS) )

The solution integrates fine-pitch 3D circuitry with shielding in a single molded device for high-density medical applications.  This innovative technology delivers packaged interconnect solutions that meet or exceed stringent medical device guidelines while providing multiple benefits including reduced components and materials usage, fewer development and production processes, lower prototyping costs and faster time-to-market.  The combined MID/LDS capabilities help medical device designers integrate complex electrical and mechanical features into highly compact applications, which existing flat 2D technologies cannot accomplish.

MediSpec™ Medical Plastic Circular (MPC) Connector and Cable System

Featuring the world-class LFH™ (low force helix) contact design for a high-performance, this product is an affordable alternative to typical medical circular connectors.  The MediSpec MPC system provides OEMs, cable assembly manufacturers, contract manufacturers and research/development professionals with a cost-effective, commercial-off-the-shelf product designed for the medical market.  Its reliable electrical interface is ideal for applications requiring multiple insertions and its unique contact design keeps forces low for ease of use.  The MediSpec MPC system is also designed to be easily handled, even with surgical gloves.

Medi-Spec™ Micro Extrusion Primary Wires

Designed to meet tight tolerance requirements for invasive and implantable applications in the medical industry, the primary wires deliver optimal reliability in a range of gauges (36 to 52 AWG) and a wide selection of materials to support customization.  The wires are encapsulated in a consistent wall coating for a pin-hole free design that provides superior reliability over emulsion and dispersion coatings that are susceptible to cracking.  The chemically inert insulation, which is impervious to surgical fluids, ensures biocompatibility use in a human body.

MediSpec™ Micro-Miniature Coiling (MMC) capabilities

Designed for medical applications such as minimally invasive surgery, catheters and implanted devices.  The MediSpec MMC continuous length coil enables extrusion of micro gauge (26 to 50 AWG class) wire at virtually infinite lengths.  Constructed of biocompatible materials that comply with Class 3 standards for medical probes and devices, MediSpec MMC technology meets extremely tight tolerances to 0.0254 mm (0.001”) outer diameter.  MMC coils are offered with or without a retracted tube mandrel in a wide selection of high performance fluoropolymers suitable for invasive/implanted applications. 

MediSpec™ High-Density Micro-Ribbon Cables

Ideal for use in invasive and implantable medical applications, these continuous, ribbonized cables deliver optimum signal transmission and precise electrical length-matching capability in a compact size.  The adjacent, parallel wires are bonded together, using fluropolymer technology, into an organized, dense package for ease-of-routing and electrical length matching. This technology ensures each wire is the same length on a tightly controlled pitch to deliver precise electrical performance. The continuous cables are available in long lengths and are not limited by standard manufacturing capabilities or pricing constraints of traditional flex-circuit designs. 

MediSpec™ Hybrid Circular 1-by-3 MT Connectors and Receptacles

The industry’s first dual-platform MT/copper integrated connection solution combines both optical and electrical connections in the cable assembly, reducing the number of connectors required in medical equipment and devices.  Its three configurable ports give medical OEMs the ability to custom design the connector system.  On the receptacle side, the system offers various options of Molex connectors including MT and LC cables for optical connections; MicroFit 3.0™, MicroClasp™and various RJ-45 jacks for electrical connections and multiple cable and tubing options. 

Capacitive Fluid-Level Sensors

Custom designed capacitive fluid-level sensors are ideal for medical fluid management systems.  The patent pending sensor electrode design and embedded software provide a high-level of accuracy with low hardware cost and easy installation.  The software can be configured for maintenance-free auto-calibration or manual calibration to maximize accuracy.  The sensors feature flexible circuitry and can be easily mounted to the container surface with pressure-sensitive adhesive.   They can also be mated with virtually any Molex interconnect or cable assembly and are compatible with Molex customized user interfaces, including membrane switches and capacitive touch technology.

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